About flowers, dr Who, van Gogh and through the bar to flowers again.

I'm feeling like to make a happy painting today. Not something beautiful or perfect in a way but simply happy. I might go to a flower market tomorrow and get some flowers to paint. Flowers unlike people are simple.

Why the craddle?

Craddle Macabre

-Craddle: cold, consistent, senseless...
-Rabbit: cute, lovely, cuddly, sweet... 

Somewhere along the way we've lost some good values in life. The values of being good hearted. So many things instead of being simple are becoming surreal - just like this painting. I've tried to capture the feeling I get from some people - because looks and feelings can be deceptive. I am fully aware of the sickness of this painting.. this is the whole point of it. It makes me feel sick. It should make you feel sick. If it does not... you are strange.  

2010 acrylics on canvas 145 x 120

For Apple

I woke up feeling kind of blue today.
The sky was grey and smelling of rain.

You took the brush, You dipped it in blue
And painted my sky with words: I miss you too.


Ageless Passion: Burton's Love Letters to Liz Taylor

Ageless Passion: Burton's Love Letters to Liz Taylor