Tutu gets her own Blog

Something cool for today's hot weather

I really like this both website and music and it looks gorgeous on iPad ;) - somehow it suits today's weather - enjoy - http://itllbebetter.com/

Places I want to see.

I've found this really cool video today. It's a mixture of Japanese and Chinese elements. The music is great and I simply love it!

Shot over the course of five days, in mostly the central, "old town" of Seoul, episode 87 is a tour of the streets and sights of the city. We visit an outdoor market called Nam Dae Mun, watch the changing of the guards ritual at Deoyksung Palace and see a pop concert in a plaza. We also get a preview of next week's video on R-16, an international B-Boy tournament that took place in Seoul earlier this year.

Tutu was born

Introducing Tutu.